Industrial Lubricants & Hydraulics

Suppliers of Industrial Lubricants & Hydraulics, Metal Working Fluids, and Solvents & Cleaners.

The selection of industrial lubricant products is an important one. These lubricants keep your machines working at their best, while allowing you to provide your customers with a quality product.

One of the most common types of industrial lubricants is hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil is used to transfer power within hydraulic machinery and equipment. However, it can be used to reduce heat, friction and rust. Hydraulic oil is typically either mineral or synthetic based. Mineral based oils are less refined than synthetic oil, which is often made in a lab.

Another common industrial lubricant is gear lubricant. This product is designed to protect gears that are used in things like machinery, transmissions, and axles. Gear lubricants typically have a polyalphaolefin base, which gives these lubricants a high viscosity index. A higher viscosity simply means that the oil is “thicker” than oils with less viscosity.

In addition to the lubricants above, Chain Oil also provides; machine way lubricants, grease, air compressor oils, spindle oils, engine oils, transmission fluids, and penetrating oils.

In summary, Chain Oil provides:

  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Machine Way Lubricants
  • Gear Lubricants
  • Greases
  • Air Compressor Oils
  • Spindle Oils
  • Engine Oils
  • Transmission Fluids
  • Penetrating Oils