Metal Working Fluids

Suppliers of Industrial Lubricants & Hydraulics, Metal Working Fluids, and Solvents & Cleaners.

Metal Working Fluids (MWF) are oils and lubricants used in the metal industry for cooling and lubrication.  There is friction created between the tool and the metal, this friction creates heat. Using a MWF reduces the friction and reduces the heat created by this process.  Unwanted heat can create chemical reactions such as oxidation, on the metal. MWF improve the quality of the metal, by reducing the amount of chips and damages to the metal.  MWF provides great protection for the metal as well as the machine. Use of MWF reduces the general wear and tear of the workpiece, ensuring a longer work life. Common examples of MWF include:

  • Drawing Lubricants
  • Stamping Lubricants
  • Vanishing Oils
  • Machining Fluids
  • Water Soluble Oils
  • Cutting Fluids
  • Grinding Fluids
  • Natural Lubricants (environmentally friendly)
  • Straight Cutting Oils
  • EDM Oil
  • CS 5 Rust Preventative